About Aljawda

            Initially, the idea , like all big ideas developed out of a crisis, Al Jawda was born. In 2017, Kuwait was faced with an onion crisis. Overpriced with low quality. The question asked among a group of more than 100 business owners and experienced professionals was “what if?”

           Therefore, from “What if?” The steps accelerated, the roles were discussed and distributed accordingly, between data collection from specific market research for what the company will be once established. Business owners were driven by ambition that any food crisis or shortage related to fruits and vegetables shouldn’t occur again in Kuwait. Hoping that they will definitely develop a strong, and professional system that will make a huge difference in the fruits and vegetables market.

          As every business expects a high return of income. On the 9th of October 2019, Al Jawda entered the market in Kuwait, announcing their collaboration with over 250 different shareholders which mutually shared one idea.

           Al Jawda faced a new reoccurred onion crisis in the beginning of 2020 during the COVID19 pandemic. Due to the important request from The Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait, Al Jawda decided to eliminate the problem of the onion crisis and fruits and vegetables shortage in the country by providing the people their basic needs which was initially their idea from the very beginning.

Our Mission

          Providing a wide variety and the finest quality with affordable prices, through our local and international suppliers which have the highest expertise in this field. We package and market the products with the latest technology ensuring the efficiency and proficiency of the operational process to help develop and improve the customers purchasing and consuming the fruits and vegetables in Kuwait.

Our Values


The aim and meaning from our name is to reach the highest and maximum form of quality and perfection.

Our Responsibility

Our company’s duty and responsibility towards society is to become part of the front lines for market stability during a crisis.


We mean all aspects of sustainability;


our products are always environmentally friendly. We highly support and use recycling; we avoid the use of anything that is not bio degradable. We are very keen on choosing our partners that support this process.


providing job opportunities in the market. Supporting and training our key staff to increase our proficiency towards the market.


we ensure that all staff members and employees are treated with highest form of respect and ensuring all their rights are taken care of. We require all our suppliers follow the same principles.


Communicating with full transparency is a method we follow with our shareholders.
By Informing them with the latest updates, sharing and taking into consideration their opinions and ideas.
As for they are the base and most valuable asset to Al Jawda.
Al Jawa therefore, also takes into consideration the importance of communicating with its partners and customers with full transparency, which helps us continue to build a strong foundation to enforce a solid long lasting relationship to help achieve our common goals and ambitions for the company.

Aljawda in numbers


Board Members

Abdullah Sultan Aborgobh


Mashary Abdulghany Al-Ghoneem

Deputy Chairman

Abdulmohsen Abdulwahab Boland

Board Member

Khaleel Alhazzani

Board Member

Fahad jawad Al-Arbash

Board Member

Salem Hezam Al-Dousary

Board Member

Walid Jassim Al-Ameery

Board Member

Nawaf Nasir Al-Arbash

Board Secretary

Senior Managements

Abdullah Sultan Aborgobh


Abdulmohsen Abdulwahab Boland

Deputy CEO

Salem Hezam Al-Dousary

Operation Manager

Faihan Mashaan Ruwaished

Commercial Manager

Ali Ayedh Al-Ajmi

Marketing & E-commerce Manager